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SPRAY appear in 1997. Though it sounds like a band, it`s the outcome of the work of Joao Paulo Das Neves. Songs, lyrics, vocals and all instruments.

Cosmopolitan, his work lives too with some invitees ( Rui Reininho, Paulo Costa, Peixe, Paulo Praça, Joana Carvalho, etc. ) that help decisively on the final results.

Three albums, produced by Luis Carlos Pereira ( Pintado No Luar ), Rui Reininho ( Salto Mortal ) and João Paulo Das Neves in the the newest Brit.

The first and second albums were remastered and will be very soon on all digital platforms.

Brit, a 2020 work, is released by the label Ministry Of Musics. It represents the living hood of the artist in London for the last fourteen years .

There, he worked in the Abbey Road Studios, and played withRadio Revolution, and in some live venues with Gene Loves Jezebel, playing in the most legendaries Marquee and Unicorn Camden Live.

In Portugal the artist was a notorious presence on the press, hat in turn, gave him some nice reviews and coverage. TV and Cable TV were well aquatinted with his music, mainly rock`n`roll shows.

He played with Rui Reininho at some live venues, out of which we can underline his presence in Coliseu do Porto, an huge venue, in a show called Porto Cantado ( he, Rui Reininho, Sérgio Godinho, Rui Veloso, Manuela Azevedo and Vozes da Radio were the headliners).

The artist made an outstanding performance with Rui Reininho, 2001, at the anniversary of the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Oporto ( Casa de Serralves ), experimenting with sounds and visions strongly.