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LadyAxe is a South African Viking Metal artist/ dark poet/ horror author and indie filmmaker.
As for her music career, Axe was the first female heavy metal artist in South Africa, back in 1992-3.
It was a tough time to bring a female power metal artist in amongst the new wave of Death Metal that just took over the country, but she persisted, being billed mainly with Goth/ Power acts through her record company. Because of mismanagement of the acts on the record company's roster, Axe left the company a year after.
In 2009 LadyAxe headlined the Windhoek Metalfest in Namibia, making history as the first time a metal band featured three generations of females from the same family. It was a once-off feat just for the one performance, but proved the unpredictable nature of LadyAxe.